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Total users online: 40 (90)
Total actives today: 85
Best player: BumBelBee Italy
Best guild: MuPHblE
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Bonuses and bans 03.11.2017
On the server there is a reward system for the grandreset(/greset). For each grand prize you get a item with 3 options to choose from +13+28 (what is considered full on the server), And you can also change the previous item to another one. To get the item you need to contact me in any available form including in the game. Below are examples of what you can take:    
1 grand = 1 item 380 (Explosion Blade, Bone Blade, Soleil Sceptor, Dragon Knight Set, etc.) or wings of the 3rd level.   
2 grandreset = 2 items 380 or... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Mini update and plan action 29.07.2017
The main update will be tomorrow(July 30, 2017) at 18:00, you will need to reboot the server and then log in through the launcher(the server will be unavailable for a couple of minutes). 
Several important decisions were made(come into force from tomorrow): 
1. Donate will be closed... Read more!
Sincerely Administrator!

Server policy 21.02.2017
Policy server is very simple: 
1. All donors receive, can be obtained in the course of the game on the server, or participate in various competitions(in-game or in the forum section of contests)
2. I am the only administrator on the server, and I do not help anything and anyone(all requests are ignored), anyone who says otherwise is a liar, and directly violating rule 3.2(led astray players in relation to the server.) Of these rules. 
3. Soon to be opened Donate(details will appear in the theme of Donate in this section) as soon gather the amount for payment of the hosting server(if in the near future will be all right there will be a transition to a higher quality host) at a time more than a year, donate will be closed again. Donate will be transparent, and everyone will be able to know who the server supports financially and by how much(all in the subject)
4. Violation of the rules is divided into ... Read More!
Sincerely Administrator!

1. BumBelBee Italy4510
2. LLIaPaBuK Moldova139
3. AkeJLa Moldova788
4. GOHAN United Kingdom1006
5. BuPyC Moldova996
6. RoyalBM*Moldova76
7. Seryoga Moldova46
8. PrimeBM Moldova1005
9. TypucT Moldova1005
10. cMePuCb Canada885
11. Victorius Bahrain205
12. Tinkoff Moldova824
13. TiTaN Italy684
14. Akela Moldova614
15. FireAngel Moldova604

1. MuPHblE 190
2. LEGION 101
3. Azkaban 0

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